Accelerating The Company’s Momentum the Cloud Hosting Way

By selecting the best starting point, organizations can quickly gain experience and understand the benefits of their business strategy. Not only does this approach help jump start a cloud implementation, but also demonstrate what’s possible. After the business understands the potential benefit, it needs to look at the operational issues in making the cloud hosting an integral part of IT environment.

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Domain and Web Hosting

Before you can run  a web site, you need a domain name. A domain is the name you give to your web site. It is not something physical which you can touch or see; it is merely a string of characters that give your website an identity ( it can be name like businesses and human). To have a name, it has to be registered with  a domain registrar. There are several domain registrars like .com, godaddy, NameCheap and Network solutions. Get to register your domain by purchasing the Hostgator coupons and end up getting discounts on your web hosting. A domain name is simply like the address of your home, while web hosting is the space of your house where you place your furniture. Get a domain name and web hosting services from

IT and Cloud Hosting

Many IT professionals are concerned about the growing popularity of cloud hosting. Will a self-service and highly automated cloud computing environment mean that we do not require IT professionals to contribute or manage the system? Application developers and operation teams will benefit from the best practices approach that can be leveraged from the various cloud deployment models. To ensure a successful cloud journey, IT has to manage several key responsibilities which include but is not limited to:

  • Building shared services based on a service oriented approach through
  • Constantly managing the synchronization of data center systems of record with data stored in cloud environment
  • Managing the overall service level of the combination of all computing services inside and outside the firewall.
  • Managing configurations, licenses and the usage requirement for services
  • Ongoing support of security and governance
  • Providing cloud integration services between clouds and traditional on premises applications in the cloud computing environment.

How to Win in the Cloud Hosting Journey

After you understand the business strategy and the technology requirements, you need a broad set of cloud hosting options to support changing business needs. You also require an ecosystem of partners that can help you integrate your resources together. You need a roadmap and plan that takes you from an inflexible, slow paced environment to a dynamic elastic environment that cloud services provide.


It is important for businesses and IT department to collaborate in order to be successful in the cloud hosting journey for the future. Successful companies always view IT and businesses as a strategic partnership because, planning for a successful cloud integration requires; a set of business considerations and a set of technical consideration. Involve both IT and business teams in both assessments. This facilitates an understanding of issues and considerations.

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